Winter sunset in Oregon
Beautiful winter sunset from early January. I love living in Oregon.

Life is crazy. 

Also, blogging is hard when you don't have a clear direction.

If you've seen my previous posts from last year, when I first started this blog, you can see that the content and types of posts I did were all over the place. I had a lot of inspiration that came from reading so many blogs that I was never sure what direction I wanted to go in. Fashion girl? Lifestyle blogger? DIY enthusiast? All that questioning left me in a constant state of disarray, never sure when my next post would be. It always felt like such a hassle to come up with something new every time, since I really WAS trying something new every time. Trying to find my direction...

And here we are eleven months later... clearly, I never got around to picking a direction.

BUT! I still want to blog. I renewed my domain in December. I'm here. I'm ready. And I think I have more of a clear idea now of where I want everything to go.

I'm not a big online shopper or obsessed makeup guru. I don't wear photo-worthy outfits everyday and I'm not flying all over the globe to exotic locales. I also don't do enough crafts on the regular to warrant tons of DIY tutorials. But the thing is, I might do a little of all of those. I realized I can be a little of everything, something that is still all me, and that can be enough. I don't have to pinpoint myself into one super-particular niche. It is my blog after all, right? Why not blog about what I love, even if that changes slightly with each day of the week? I can also do that without using this blog as a venting forum or live scrapbook, which I'd rather not do. I want to keep it professional, but truthful. Real, but not overexposed.

And of course I'd like to do it all with a little bit of style and grace.

Grace is my middle name, after all.

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