Spring "Break"

Hi everyone! This post is a little bit of a catch up from my spring break with family last week and also because I inevitably took a mini break from blogging without meaning to! I still need to get into a better groove of drafting posts ahead of time and on a better schedule. I've come across a lot of blog planning printables and tools but none of them have really worked for me. Any suggestions of ones you use that you love??

Last week was Oregon's spring break for a lot of schools, and although I'm not in school anymore, all my younger siblings were off, parents took it off, and I just happened to be able to go because of gaps in work. I'm currently working four different jobs that have very random schedules, and two of which I'm still starting (no regular schedule yet) so I was really lucky to be able to go on a week-long beach trip with my family! We went to a friend's beach house in Long Beach, WA, and although it rained the majority of the time, there were a few breaks of sun, and we were able to just relax and watch movies a lot of the time. It was nice to get away. Plus there was no wifi and really bad cell service so we were pretty much cut off from the digital world as well! REFRESHING.

You may have seen the few photos I was able to Instagram while at the beach on my account, but here's a look at are a few others that I didn't already post!

Dancer on the beach
Beach = always an opportunity for dance photos. My sister is a beast.

rainy beach through the window
Rainy beach seen through the window.

artsy starbucks
An artsy Starbucks photo enhanced by Waterlogue app. #typicalwhitegirl

beach sunset Washington coast PNW
A very cloudy, but still pretty, sunset.

necklace collar ootd
Okay so this one was on Instagram. I just loved my outfit the day of a new job orientation! All about the details.

I promise to be posting more style and DIY posts in the very near future! I have some exciting things planned. Oh and in case you were wondering from my last post, my sister's dance team placed 2nd in State for the show division! YAY!!
Happy weekend, everyone! 

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