To dance is to be outside yourself

Today is the first day of the State Championships for many Oregon dance teams, including my little sister, who is on the same team I was some five years ago! Did you catch that picture on my Instagram the other day, with a winning picture of me and my teammates holding our 1st place trophy? It was one of the best days of my life. So much hard work, talent, dedication and friendship combined to create a dance routine for the books that won us 1st place. Here's the picture in case you missed it!

Clackamas Cavalettes win State 2007

Our team was in the show division, which means we got to use a mat and props to make our routine more of a "show" than just a dance, make sense? I've been told many times that we looked like a color guard team, but we don't have those in Oregon, or at least they are not grouped in with dance teams at the competition level.

Yesterday and this weekend marks the 7 year anniversary of that show, "Hide and Seek" and I thought I'd share a video of that routine from my YouTube channel. I still am not tired of this song and could probably dance the entire thing from memory. Enjoy!

Clackamas Cavalettes present "Hide and Seek" - State 2007

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Have a great weekend, everyone! And, GO CAVALETTES!!!


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