Spring Fever!

Maybe Oregon was just teasing, but we had a brilliantly sunny day yesterday. I'm talking clear blue skies, sun that almost felt warm on your skin and temperatures nearing the upper 50s. Whaaaat?! I guess this isn't as big of a deal compared with the rest of the country who has been stuck in a nonstop polar vortex, but let's just say Portland has had its own share of rain, doom, and gloom lately. I AM READY FOR SPRING. 

Here are some beautiful flowers I captured last night growing in the luscious I garden at my friend Mike's house. Well, he usually goes by Michael. Okay, you got me, it was at the craft store Michael's. And they're obviously fake. But still so pretty!!! <3

Spring Fever: a state of [stylish] grace

Spring Fever: a state of [stylish] grace

I need more real flowers in my life. What are you doing to tell Spring to hurry up?

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