It's quiz time: Get to know me!

I've been reading Erin's blog over at Two Thirds Hazel for quite some time now and I love her quirky blogging style and witty humor. Plus she's got great taste in hot pink Hunter boots and lives in NYC so I'm totally jealous of that.

She's also a blog designer, and therefore creates cool things like this all the time! I thought I'd join her second installment of The Blogmopolitan Quiz and fill it out for a little "get to know me" post and to link up with other bloggers doing the same! Head on over to the post here to see all the link-ups.

The Blogmopolitan Quiz - a state of [stylish] grace
Erin modeled this quiz after the little fill-in-the-black quizzes that Cosmopolitan always has celebrities fill out. How fun is that?! Hope you learned some random tidbits about me. 

And while we're on the topic of random tidbits, I'm going to share a super cool picture of me and a really awesome fashion designer that I met two years ago at the WWDMagic Apparel Tradeshow in Las Vegas on a school trip. 

I mean, no big deal, I only met BETSEY JOHNSON!!! 

One of my favorite designers that I even designed a collection after!!!

Betsey Johnson and Kayla Hedwall: a state of [stylish] grace

She is SO tiny. Ha! Love it!

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