Fashion Sketch Friday: OSCAR EDITION

I love watching the Academy Awards every year! Well, when I can, that is. In college, (and high school) I often had too much homework to do and projects to work on that I only caught a glimpse of them each year. But now, post-grad life gives me the freedom to sit down on that Sunday night and watch hours of glamorous award show television and have absolutely NO homework to do! Yay! This year is going to be different and I'm really excited for it.

Now, half the appeal of awards shows is the gorgeous red carpet gowns and fashion that come with it, right?! RIGHT. The country's elite actors and actresses come together for a night of glamour, wearing tuxes and gowns of the world's elite fashion designers -- basically it's just a big ol' beauty fest. And I think it's always interesting to see who wins Best Actress - it's a hard category to win, let alone even get nominated in, and can sometimes be controversial over the outcome. But all of that doesn't really matter when the winner is wearing an amazing dress, right? I came across an infographic of all the Best Actress winners featuring an illustration of the dresses and their designers. How cool, right?! It goes all the way back to the first year the award show happened in 1929.

So in honor of The Academy Awards this weekend, I bring you the beautiful infographic for this week's edition of Fashion Sketch Friday! I promise I'll have one of my own sketches next week - perhaps a sketch of the 2014 Best Actress winner's dress...?

Every dress worn by Best Actress Academy Award Winners

Courtesy of: Mediarun

♥ ♥ ♥

So cool, right?! I love to look at the dresses within each decade and how they change from one to the next. Check out the original posting here and read about why Mediarun put the infographic together in the first place. Apparently they've had so much great feedback that they're going to turn it into a poster print. Sign me up for one of those!

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