Fashion Sketch Friday: HEARTS

I actually really like Valentine's Day, even though I've only had an actual "Valentine" a few different times throughout the years. Some people may say it's too commercial, but what is so bad about a day that celebrates love? You don't have to go all commercial and buy all the cards/candy/flowers crap, but why not show some extra love to the people in your life you care about? Give just a little extra thought to the day and do something nice? I see nothing wrong with that :)

I found a dress I illustrated a few years back with the perfect theme for today (still working on the whole new-sketch-a-week thing). But it was so fitting that I just had to post it. I still need to figure out how to draw faces on my illustrations, I think it kind of works but I also would like to add more personality to my drawings... hmm, more on that later.

Hope everyone has a great day regardless of their type or lack of lovey-dovey circumstances!

Happy Valentine's Day fashion sketch heart dress

♥ ♥ ♥
What do you think of Valentine's Day? Doing anything fun tonight or this weekend? Do tell!

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