Friday Inspiration

Friday Inspiration |

For the last couple months I've been in a weird transition period. Moved back home in September after college and have since been juggling an internship, part-time job, everything that encompasses the "real" job search (including re-doing my portfolio website) among many other things, and starting this blog! It's been an exciting time, but also a difficult time - not only for the things just mentioned but also because I had to move away from all my best friends and trying to get in a healthy dose of social interaction away from my family can be hard. 

With the new year, I realized I needed a boost of inspiration and motivation. I came across this quote by Gary Lew on Pinterest, and created this with the picture of a beautiful winter sunset that I took outside my front porch last night. I have no idea what 2014 will mean for me but I'm anxious, excited and nervous all at the same time to find out. Hopefully this quote and the beginning of the new year brings you some renewed inspiration as well.

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