Fashion Sketch Friday: Pink Party Dress

I was thinking recently about how I love fashion illustration, but I hardly remember to do it very often since I'm not required to do it for class assignments anymore. It has sadly fallen by the wayside.

A new weekly feature I'm going to try out here will be "Fashion Sketch Friday" where I will post an illustration I sketched and rendered (colored in) over the week. This way it will get me back in the groove of sketching and giving me much needed practice!

To start it off, I'm posting an oldie-but-goodie from sophomore year of college. I designed a line of six dresses inspired by Betsey Johnson's fun party dresses. This is my favorite of the collection, and it has even appeared on my business cards in the past! To see the rest of the dress collection, check out the "collections" tab of my online portfolio. [Don't mind the weird color from the scanner.]

Betsey Johnson Inspired PInk Party Dress illustration by Kayla Hedwall
Medium: colored pencil, pen, marker

Have a great weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥

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