Spring "Break"

Hi everyone! This post is a little bit of a catch up from my spring break with family last week and also because I inevitably took a mini break from blogging without meaning to! I still need to get into a better groove of drafting posts ahead of time and on a better schedule. I've come across a lot of blog planning printables and tools but none of them have really worked for me. Any suggestions of ones you use that you love??

Last week was Oregon's spring break for a lot of schools, and although I'm not in school anymore, all my younger siblings were off, parents took it off, and I just happened to be able to go because of gaps in work. I'm currently working four different jobs that have very random schedules, and two of which I'm still starting (no regular schedule yet) so I was really lucky to be able to go on a week-long beach trip with my family! We went to a friend's beach house in Long Beach, WA, and although it rained the majority of the time, there were a few breaks of sun, and we were able to just relax and watch movies a lot of the time. It was nice to get away. Plus there was no wifi and really bad cell service so we were pretty much cut off from the digital world as well! REFRESHING.

You may have seen the few photos I was able to Instagram while at the beach on my account, but here's a look at are a few others that I didn't already post!

Dancer on the beach
Beach = always an opportunity for dance photos. My sister is a beast.

rainy beach through the window
Rainy beach seen through the window.

artsy starbucks
An artsy Starbucks photo enhanced by Waterlogue app. #typicalwhitegirl

beach sunset Washington coast PNW
A very cloudy, but still pretty, sunset.

necklace collar ootd
Okay so this one was on Instagram. I just loved my outfit the day of a new job orientation! All about the details.

I promise to be posting more style and DIY posts in the very near future! I have some exciting things planned. Oh and in case you were wondering from my last post, my sister's dance team placed 2nd in State for the show division! YAY!!
Happy weekend, everyone! 

To dance is to be outside yourself

Today is the first day of the State Championships for many Oregon dance teams, including my little sister, who is on the same team I was some five years ago! Did you catch that picture on my Instagram the other day, with a winning picture of me and my teammates holding our 1st place trophy? It was one of the best days of my life. So much hard work, talent, dedication and friendship combined to create a dance routine for the books that won us 1st place. Here's the picture in case you missed it!

Clackamas Cavalettes win State 2007

Our team was in the show division, which means we got to use a mat and props to make our routine more of a "show" than just a dance, make sense? I've been told many times that we looked like a color guard team, but we don't have those in Oregon, or at least they are not grouped in with dance teams at the competition level.

Yesterday and this weekend marks the 7 year anniversary of that show, "Hide and Seek" and I thought I'd share a video of that routine from my YouTube channel. I still am not tired of this song and could probably dance the entire thing from memory. Enjoy!

Clackamas Cavalettes present "Hide and Seek" - State 2007

♥ ♥ ♥

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Have a great weekend, everyone! And, GO CAVALETTES!!!


With just a bit of luck...

the harder you work the lucker you get

I am a bit Irish so maybe it's in my blood, but I've always been oddly lucky all my life. I've won more 
giveaways and contests in my life than the average person, all the way from elementary school fundraiser prizes to just last week on a blog contest. It may sound weird but I always get a funny feeling when I'm about to win something. Maybe I should try the lottery more often? Haha!

On another more serious note, I believe the main successes in life that may appear to others as "lucky" are actually the result of hard work and increasing your chances rather than pure luck. Like succeeding at your career or in relationships, there are a lot of things you can do to increase your chances of getting the dream job or finding that special person. You can do extra work outside of your current job to expand your portfolio, you can go to more meet-ups and networking events to expand your connections, you can go to more parties, outdoor clubs and social events to meet more people. 

Not everything you do necessarily guarantees a good outcome, but can prepare you in the best way possible so that you are ready and in a good position to accept a great opportunity (or person) if it comes along. I feel like this is really true of my life as of late and I can't wait to see how it pans out. Hard work counts. Keep working and good things will eventually come.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Spring Fever!

Maybe Oregon was just teasing, but we had a brilliantly sunny day yesterday. I'm talking clear blue skies, sun that almost felt warm on your skin and temperatures nearing the upper 50s. Whaaaat?! I guess this isn't as big of a deal compared with the rest of the country who has been stuck in a nonstop polar vortex, but let's just say Portland has had its own share of rain, doom, and gloom lately. I AM READY FOR SPRING. 

Here are some beautiful flowers I captured last night growing in the luscious I garden at my friend Mike's house. Well, he usually goes by Michael. Okay, you got me, it was at the craft store Michael's. And they're obviously fake. But still so pretty!!! <3

Spring Fever: a state of [stylish] grace

Spring Fever: a state of [stylish] grace

I need more real flowers in my life. What are you doing to tell Spring to hurry up?

Fashion Sketch Friday: Best Actress 2014!

Remember last week's Fashion Sketch Friday where I shared the infographic of all the dresses ever worn by all the Best Actress winners of the Academy Awards every year? And I promised to sketch the dress of the winner from Sunday's Oscars? Well, here it is! Finally a new sketch! I'm excited to get back into this again, I even bought a new sketch pad and (another) book on illustrating at Barnes and Noble last weekend.

Without further ado, here is the Academy Awards Best Actress winner of 2014, Cate Blanchett and her stunningly beautiful and sparkly Armani gown! My illustration first, then a picture of the real thing!

Best Actress dress 2014: Cate Blanchett | Illustration by Kayla Hedwall

Best Actress 2014: Cate Blanchett
Photo credit: Steve Granitz via Getty Images

What did you think of her gown? Some people have said it washed her out too much, but I thought it was gorgeous and so classy. Hey, I'd wear it! Such a perfect gown for the Oscars.

Inspiration: Full skirts and denim on denim

I've been doing a lot of blog browsing and Pinterest-ing recently to collect images and inspiration for my spring wardrobe as the season slowly changes here in the Pacific Northwest. It can be rainy and 40 degrees one day, then sunny, windy and almost 60 the next (this literally happened last week), so my "spring" wardrobe is quite varied, to say the least. I've got to be prepared for anything! Regardless of the weather, it's always nice to have warm, springtime outfit inspiration in store for when that day does finally arrive.

Currently inspired by...

I am in LOVE with the new below-the-knee, midi length style of skirt! It's so classy and can really add a glamorous element to an outfit if done the right way, especially with volume. Not to mention, this type of skirt flatters me well because of my height - Yay! No more short skirts that are like shirts on me!

Also, denim on denim is SO great if done right like Erica of Casually Styled did with contrasting hues. I'm still on the lookout for the perfect chambray button up.. any suggestions? P.S. Did you notice all the wonderful pink hues and a definite touch of Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid in these photos?! Both skirts are definitely in that category! Makes me want to head to the fabric store to see what I can find to make myself a skirt or dress in this beautiful hue... What are your thoughts on this new longer length skirt trend? Denim on denim looks like it's here to stay. What about pink on red? Let's chat!

Fashion Sketch Friday: OSCAR EDITION

I love watching the Academy Awards every year! Well, when I can, that is. In college, (and high school) I often had too much homework to do and projects to work on that I only caught a glimpse of them each year. But now, post-grad life gives me the freedom to sit down on that Sunday night and watch hours of glamorous award show television and have absolutely NO homework to do! Yay! This year is going to be different and I'm really excited for it.

Now, half the appeal of awards shows is the gorgeous red carpet gowns and fashion that come with it, right?! RIGHT. The country's elite actors and actresses come together for a night of glamour, wearing tuxes and gowns of the world's elite fashion designers -- basically it's just a big ol' beauty fest. And I think it's always interesting to see who wins Best Actress - it's a hard category to win, let alone even get nominated in, and can sometimes be controversial over the outcome. But all of that doesn't really matter when the winner is wearing an amazing dress, right? I came across an infographic of all the Best Actress winners featuring an illustration of the dresses and their designers. How cool, right?! It goes all the way back to the first year the award show happened in 1929.

So in honor of The Academy Awards this weekend, I bring you the beautiful infographic for this week's edition of Fashion Sketch Friday! I promise I'll have one of my own sketches next week - perhaps a sketch of the 2014 Best Actress winner's dress...?

Every dress worn by Best Actress Academy Award Winners

Courtesy of: Mediarun

♥ ♥ ♥

So cool, right?! I love to look at the dresses within each decade and how they change from one to the next. Check out the original posting here and read about why Mediarun put the infographic together in the first place. Apparently they've had so much great feedback that they're going to turn it into a poster print. Sign me up for one of those!

It's quiz time: Get to know me!

I've been reading Erin's blog over at Two Thirds Hazel for quite some time now and I love her quirky blogging style and witty humor. Plus she's got great taste in hot pink Hunter boots and lives in NYC so I'm totally jealous of that.

She's also a blog designer, and therefore creates cool things like this all the time! I thought I'd join her second installment of The Blogmopolitan Quiz and fill it out for a little "get to know me" post and to link up with other bloggers doing the same! Head on over to the post here to see all the link-ups.

The Blogmopolitan Quiz - a state of [stylish] grace
Erin modeled this quiz after the little fill-in-the-black quizzes that Cosmopolitan always has celebrities fill out. How fun is that?! Hope you learned some random tidbits about me. 

And while we're on the topic of random tidbits, I'm going to share a super cool picture of me and a really awesome fashion designer that I met two years ago at the WWDMagic Apparel Tradeshow in Las Vegas on a school trip. 

I mean, no big deal, I only met BETSEY JOHNSON!!! 

One of my favorite designers that I even designed a collection after!!!

Betsey Johnson and Kayla Hedwall: a state of [stylish] grace

She is SO tiny. Ha! Love it!

Beauty favorites: Pink + Gold

Hi everyone! This week I've decided to link up with Let it Be Beautiful and Fancy Things to join in on their "4 favorites" weekly Wednesday post. This week's theme is beauty favorites - my favorite kind! I've picked out a couple of my personal beauty faves that I've been using recently.

4 favorites - Beauty

1. Betsey Johnson Too Too Pretty perfume - Right now I only have the small roller ball travel size because I was testing it out, but I have to get the full size of it soon because I LOVE it! It's definitely a sweeter floral scent, but I like it a lot, because it contrasts well with other the darker, muskier scents I usually wear.

2. Essie nail polish in Big Spender - I got this as a birthday present last month and it is my favorite color of the moment! Granted, pink is my favorite color so I would be in love with it anyway, but this darker dusty rose color seems to complement everything I wear. It's just so pretty!

3. Urban Decay NAKED 3 - This is my first Naked palette! I've been wanting to get one for quite a while now and finally got around to purchasing one when I got a couple Sephora gift cards for Christmas and my birthday. The third one actually wasn't my first choice (they were sold out of the other two at the time) but I'm really glad I bought it. All the rose gold/pink/neutral colors pair really well with my fair skin and blue eyes. Plus almost all of the shadows are so SPARKLY. My favorite, of course.

4. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner in Perversion - UD eyeliners are just a staple for me. They are my absolute favorite because they really do glide on perfectly and have the most vibrant, deep color of any other eyeliners I've tried. I have a few black ones from different sets I've gotten, now the next step is to buy the pack of 8 full size ones in shades of black, grey, dark brown and jewel tones! Next time I have a spare $55 I'll be back at Sephora for that. Haha!

♥ ♥ ♥

These are my current favorites - what are yours? What should I be on the look out for next time I'm at Sephora? Especially if you have any great recommendations for lipsticks, I'm looking to expand my collection to some great reds and pinks and actually start wearing them! A bold lip is always so fierce.

Second time's the charm?

Sometimes you don't get it quite right the first time, or maybe you do, but someone else does it a little better or in a cool way. Now, what the HAY am I talking about here? Covers! Song covers!!

Covers of favorite songs are always so much fun to find, and depending on how you find them, most are pretty good. Especially if the artist made an entire music video for the cover, that's when you know you're really in business and in for a good treat.

Recently I've come across a few AMAZING covers of songs and had to share. Enjoy!

1. Say You'll Be There - Spice Girls - Cover by M0

This is only one of my favorite songs EVER (throwback to 8-year-old me) and this cover modernizes the song and brings such a cool vibe to it! I'm in love.

2. Happy // Get Lucky - Pharrell // Daft Punk - Mashup cover by Pomplamoose

These songs are so fun! Happy is probably my favorite song at the moment. Pomplamoose always has a cool and unique way of covering songs and for this one they made a really unconventional and awesome music video that they made all in one take. So freakin' cool.

3. Rocket // Pusher Love Girl - Beyonce // Justin Timberlake - Mashup cover by Travis Garland

Oh my god. This guy. He's so talented and beautiful! I met him at a concert a few months back. Everything he does is drool-worthy and this mashup is no different. Such a great combo!!

♥ ♥ ♥
Happy weekend everyone!

Fashion Sketch Friday: HEARTS

I actually really like Valentine's Day, even though I've only had an actual "Valentine" a few different times throughout the years. Some people may say it's too commercial, but what is so bad about a day that celebrates love? You don't have to go all commercial and buy all the cards/candy/flowers crap, but why not show some extra love to the people in your life you care about? Give just a little extra thought to the day and do something nice? I see nothing wrong with that :)

I found a dress I illustrated a few years back with the perfect theme for today (still working on the whole new-sketch-a-week thing). But it was so fitting that I just had to post it. I still need to figure out how to draw faces on my illustrations, I think it kind of works but I also would like to add more personality to my drawings... hmm, more on that later.

Hope everyone has a great day regardless of their type or lack of lovey-dovey circumstances!

Happy Valentine's Day fashion sketch heart dress

♥ ♥ ♥
What do you think of Valentine's Day? Doing anything fun tonight or this weekend? Do tell!

Radiant Orchid Inspiration: ACCESSORIES

The third installment of the Radiant Orchid Inspiration series is here - accessories! Last week I focused specifically on jewelry, and the week before on shoes. This week I combined a few types of accessories to add some glam to your outfit (aside from jewelry) in beautiful shades and tints of PANTONE's 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid.

PANTONE Radiant Orchid Inspiration: Accessories

All of these items are fun last-minute things you can throw on to spruce up your outfit. Scarves and hair accessories add colorful functionality, and things like watches and your phone case can add some lasting cohesive style to all of your everyday outfits this spring.

  • These elastic hair ties (#1) that are literally tied together have become so popular as of late due to the wide array of colors as well as the lack of damage they do to your hair versus other ties. I love this set from Etsy in coordinating colors, patterns and sparkle!
  • The linen scarf (#2) is a great basic to add to your wardrobe this spring. It's very lightweight, so it won't add too much warmth as the weather changes, and it can be a great pop of color to an otherwise neutral ensemble.
  • This iPhone case (#3) is available for the 4 and 5 and is a beautiful picture of orchid flowers just screaming SPRING! I may have to get this as the weather starts changing yet is still super rainy, to remind me that April showers bring May flowers... ha!
  • Chunky knit scarves are my favorite! This beautiful infinity style (#4) is crocheted and the perfect addition to a wardrobe in a climate that won't be warm for quite some time (like here in the NW). Yes, please! It won't reach the 60s til at least late April, therefore I need this asap.
  • I think hair bows like this one (#5) are so cute. When paired with an otherwise mature and dressed up outfit, I think a bow in the hair can add a sweet touch without seeming too young and juvenile. I especially love to pair a hair bow with a half-up ponytail hairstyle, which I wear quite frequently due to my massive amounts of curly hair and trying to keep it out of my face. 
  • Watches are so simple and chic, let alone an easy way to check the time without whipping out your phone all the time. What a crazy idea, right?! Ha! Adding a sophisticated watch like this (#6) in a signature color can help streamline your look from day to day.

What do you think of these Radiant Orchid accessories? What would you pair them with? I'd love to hear some of your ideas! Let me know in the comments, and stay tuned for next week's edition of the Radiant Orchid Inspiration series!

A snowy weekend in the PNW

Snowpocalypse 2014 finally hit the Pacific Northwest. We finally joined the ranks of the rest of the country and got some SNOW!!! This was super exciting because a lot of Western Oregon and Washington never get snow - mostly just rain, and lots of it.

Last Thursday there were warnings of a snowstorm coming through by late afternoon, and my sisters in high school were let out on an early 2-hour release. For once, the weatherman wasn't lying and we got dumped on -- Yay! Snow day dance!

Snowy tree in Oregon - edited with VSCO Cam
I took the screen out of my window to take this picture! Brrrrr!

This continued through Friday (no school) and Saturday as well as some freezing rain. We couldn't even leave our house on Saturday because our cars couldn't handle the roads (when normally they are great in snow!) But you just can't fight with ice. And since we never get snow like this, a lot of people in our area don't know how to drive in it or are simply note equipped with the right tools. The best choice was to stay home. Even Sunday was bad and there was no school today either!

So apart from the few times I ventured out to take in all of the wintery wonder, I mostly stayed inside, cozy by the fire. All this down time (read: CABIN FEVER) led me to discover some cool things I might not have otherwise found in my usual busy schedule, and I wanted to share.

1. Yoga Studio (app): I stumbled across this a few weeks ago via a Twitter conversation with Kate over at Kate the (almost) Great and I was so excited to finally try it. I loved going to Yoga classes at the gym in college but I haven't been able to get to a studio recently, so this seemed like a good alternative! It does cost $2.99 in the App Store, but it is so worth it because you can download full studio classes ranging from 15 minutes to an hour, and then have them ready to play whenever (without internet). You can even create your own class by adding pose blocks and sequences together. There is also a calendar scheduling feature, which I think will really help me schedule my yoga time in, as if I were going to an actual studio class. So far, I love it!

2. Tone It Up Weekly Schedule: I've been signed up for TIU's emails for a while, but never looked much into them because I thought you had to be a member (and buy the nutritional plan) to really get any benefit from them. Well, this weekend I finally read through the whole email and realized that they are giving you an entire week's schedule of workouts, right there on the page, as well as some videos from YouTube. All free! No sign up for the plan required. The "Love Your Body" Challenge is in its last week and so I think I will try to start up with the next challenge they begin after Valentine's Day. You just never know what you'll find out when you actually read all your emails, huh?!

3. Waterlogue (app): I found this app last week and decided to finally give it a try. It's a photography app that takes your regular photos and magically turns them into beautiful watercolor paintings! It also costs $2.99, but the new watercolor photos really do look legitimate. There are 12 styles of watercolor filters to add, ranging from bold to artistic to technical, depending on the effect you want. I tried it out with a colorful picture of changing leaves that I took back in the fall, and look what happened! You can even save it in full resolution to print out and frame. This may be my new favorite app.

Original photo:
Rainbow Leaves on a tree in Oregon

Waterlogue'd photo:
Rainbow Leaves on a tree in Oregon using Waterlogue app

Seriously! How amazing is that?! I can't wait to try even more photos and then maybe print out a few to hang up around the house. Tell me if you've found any cool apps like this! I especially love fun photography ones, but things like Yoga studio are awesome too. Let me know if you've found any gems recently. And I hope you're surviving Snowpocalypse 2014 if its still happening in your part of the country!

Radiant Orchid Inspiration: JEWELRY

There is more Color of the Year 2014 inspiration coming your way this week! The theme I chose to focus on was jewelry. At first I was going to combine all accessories but there are so many pretty things in each category that I'm going to split it up a bit more. This way, each item gets more attention. Yay!

But first - don't know what all the Radiant Orchid fuss is about? Check out PANTONE's Color of the Year 2014 intro page and check out last week's blog post, the first of the Radiant Orchid series, featuring shoes! Now onto all the beautiful jewelry...

Radiant Orchid Inspiration Jewelry

As you can see, I found a lot of these items on Etsy, one of my favorite online sites to browse and shop! You can find anything and everything handmade, especially great gifts that are really unique. [Note: none of these items are sponsored or affiliate links, I simply love them and wanted to share!]

  • The necklace pictured is one of my favorite types of jewelry at the moment. I own similar statement necklaces with solid color shapes like this one in a mint green and a light coral. I love how this kind of necklace can add some color and flair to an otherwise boring top. Chunky sweaters and statement necklaces, anyone?
  • Bracelet #2 is a chic leather bangle with gold spacers. Personally I LOVE this combination of Radiant Orchid and gold. I always wear a bracelet on my non-dominant hand (left) and I think it can add that extra bit of style while being totally effortless. Add a few to make wrist full of bangles!
  • The dainty and pretty bracelet #3 is so sweet that it would look great on its own (not stacked with other bangles). This type of bracelet would be the perfect addition to a date night outfit or for another more formal event where classic, simple jewelry is key.
  • I love the deeper orchid color of the ring, #4. All of these pieces are different shades of Radiant Orchid and this is the one that really pops out to me. Perfect if you're trying to make a bolder statement - combine it with a hand full of other rings as well!
  • The rose studs (#5) are the sweetest little accessory to add just a bit more color to an outfit. I love wearing my hair up in a messy bun/top knot, and when I do I always make sure to wear some fun earrings to display since they are nearly always covered by my hair!

Hope you enjoyed these lovely jewelry findings in Radiant Orchid. Maybe one of your girlfriends needs a pick-me-up on Valentine's Day! Or yourself? Personally I NEED the rose stud earrings... Stay tuned for next week's post in the Color of the Year 2014 series!

♥ ♥ ♥

Also, I added this post to the "Three-Fer Thursday" link-up over at Everyday Fashion & Finance.
Check it out here to see all the linked posts!

Fashion Sketch Friday: Pink Party Dress

I was thinking recently about how I love fashion illustration, but I hardly remember to do it very often since I'm not required to do it for class assignments anymore. It has sadly fallen by the wayside.

A new weekly feature I'm going to try out here will be "Fashion Sketch Friday" where I will post an illustration I sketched and rendered (colored in) over the week. This way it will get me back in the groove of sketching and giving me much needed practice!

To start it off, I'm posting an oldie-but-goodie from sophomore year of college. I designed a line of six dresses inspired by Betsey Johnson's fun party dresses. This is my favorite of the collection, and it has even appeared on my business cards in the past! To see the rest of the dress collection, check out the "collections" tab of my online portfolio. [Don't mind the weird color from the scanner.]

Betsey Johnson Inspired PInk Party Dress illustration by Kayla Hedwall
Medium: colored pencil, pen, marker

Have a great weekend!

♥ ♥ ♥

Radiant Orchid Inspiration: SHOES

"Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple - one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuschia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health." -- PANTONE

As many of you may already know, PANTONE recently announced the 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. It's very much a designer/fashion/art world thing, and honestly I don't think I'd ever heard of a "Color of the Year" until I started my apparel design degree in 2009. In any case, it's a color prediction (or rather a specific announcement everyone follows) that sets the tone for the year and which many designers incorporate into their collections.

I think it's so fun to get inspiration and plan outfits with a color theme like this, even if it's not a very concrete thing - but which trends are, really? And why not have a little fun? I decided to start a series of blog posts with ideas of how to incorporate this color into your wardrobe and surroundings in more ways than just by buying a "purple-ish" shirt. Today's post is on SHOES! My favorite! Let's get started.

Radiant Orchid Color Inspiration: SHOES

Shoes are such a great accessory to add a pop of color to your outfit. Notice how all these shoes are slightly different colors, but all seem to go together? That's because they are all shades and tints of the original color (up on the top of the photo behind the title) and so they complement each other. By definition, "shade" is a color that has had black added to it, and "tint" is a color that has had white added to it. So all of these items are the same color Radiant Orchid, just different shades and tints of that color. [A mini lesson on color terminology! Yay design theory!]

  • Shoes #1 and #4 are great, classic pumps that will for sure add some glam to your outfit in this feminine color. I love the idea of dark skinny jeans with the darker shaded #1, and white skinny crops or a full ballerina skirt or even maxi dress with the lighter #4.
  • When at the gym, on the road, or at my favorite, a Zumba class, the lighter #2 Nikes will be a sweet pop of color to an otherwise mostly black ensemble. Who says you can't look put together at the gym?
  • I especially love the #3 flats because they are so versatile. I can see them easily being paired with basic jeans or leggings on the weekend or even with trousers for work! As a tall girl, I love a good pair of flats.
  • Living in the rainy Pacific Northwest, rainboots are a must. So far I only have a black pair, but these #5 darker hued stylish Hunter boots are on my list!
  • I think this last pair of shoes, #6, is such a great stylish and alternative option to your everyday flat. The cutout shoe trend has been making its way around, and these are so cool with their half color/half black look. These would quickly become a staple in my wardrobe.
♥ ♥ ♥

I hope you enjoyed this first post on Radiant Orchid - stay tuned for next week's installment! What do you think of the color? How long have you been aware of PANTONE's Color of the Year? Let me know in the comments!

Five Things I'm Loving Right Now

1. The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal by Gretchen Rubin. A present I got for Christmas. It's a 5-year record book where you can write a sentence or two about your day. Start at any day of the year and just fill in the year. With this mini-journal you can look back later and remember all the lovely days you had that tend to slip your mind over time. "The days are long, but the years are short."

2. Sephora gift cards. I got a couple for Christmas from different people so they have added up and I'm super excited to go shopping this weekend! Thinking about getting the NAKED 2 Palette because I think it will suit my blue eye color and complexion the best out of the three editions. What else should I look for when I'm there? I need some good mascara.

3. Lorde's new album, Pure Heroine. It's been out for a few months now, but seriously, go buy it. The extended version with 16 songs is worth the extra couple bucks. Her songs all meld well together but aren't carbon copies of Royals, either. I think "Ribs," "Glory and Gore," and "Million Dollar Bills" are my favorite songs right now.

4. 2013 in 10 Minutes Mashup. This awesome 10-minute mix song by Dzeko & Torres is a great compilation of the popular songs in 2013, ranging from some Top 40 hits to more of the EDM and house music genre. I still can't get enough of the 2012 mashup either! Go give them a listen, you can download the songs for free on their Facebook page.

5. My cat, Pebbles. Watching tv the other night, we started taking some selfies. She was not amused. But I was. Haha! Follow my blog's Instagram for more behind-the-blog scenes and cat selfies of course!

Happy weekend, everyone!

♥ ♥ ♥