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My name is Kayla Grace and I'm a recent apparel design grad out of Oregon State University [GO BEAVS]. I started a blog in March of 2012 to document my personal style, DIYs, and involvement in fashion shows and such during school. The problem was, I had an idea but didn't really have a solid direction or plan for that blog. So it sat there, with a few posts here and there, not getting updated frequently. In the past couple of months during all the extra free time I've had (with only an internship and part-time job,) I've found my direction!

I got really excited and have been researching everything to do with the "blogger world" the past month or two. I'm so enthusiastic to start this endeavor and have this creative outlet. Although I majored in apparel design, I'm also really into graphic design and feel I've always had a creative design eye. I love creating. So in putting my passions and hobbies into more creative use, this blog will be centered around: my personal style (hashtag O-O-T-D!), DIYs and tips for sewing/altering and small projects, pursuits of my soon-to-be fashion line, beauty obsessions, inspiration, and everything else fashion, life, design and style-related that I enjoy!

I hope my blog brings you inspiration, ideas, or just a place to connect with like-minded people. Follow me on bloglovin' and let's get to know each other! I'm so thrilled to be a part of this fashion blogging community.

kayla grace hedwall a state of stylish grace fashion style blog

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