Okay. I have to admit, I have finally jumped on the Lana Del Rey bandwagon. But I don't even want to call it a bandwagon, because I believe she really has talent. I think this "bandwagon" is actually just the buzz around the fact that she finally got more mainstream attention after years of trying to break into the biz. Summertime Sadness remix, aka THE song of the summer, anyone??

Lana Del Rey Born To Die The Paradise Edition

Lana Who?

Her first official album Born to Die came out in January 2012 after creating major buzz with the viral video for "Video Games."  I don't know why I didn't bother with her then. Or at all in 2012 for that matter. I heard so much about her yet barely gave her songs or videos the time of day, casting her off as some hipster/vintage/pinup/chill-hip-hop-wannabe girl. Lana even released another mini album in November 2012 to prove to the critics that Born to Die wasn't a fluke, and somehow I still didn't bother. It was a busy year? Honestly I wasn't searching out much new music during my senior year of college.


This past summer after I'd graduated, but was still living in the lovely college town of Corvallis with a summer job, I finally fired up that untouched Spotify playlist. I listened all the way through Lana Del Rey's duo album Born to Die: The Paradise edition, which is essentially both albums together minus a remix or two.

YES. Beautiful. Enchanting. Why had I not listened to it in its entirety before?! I remember a few months before, listening to all the iTunes previews of the songs when her album was on sale, still trying to see what all the "Lana" fuss was about, but not being very impressed. I guess it really took the full song-and-album experience to see exactly what I was missing. I am so glad I did!

Music bliss

I finally purchased the duo album on iTunes (yes I'm that person that still buys songs legally, LOL) on September 25th, at 7:07pm. (I checked for verification.) Since then it's been a non-stop Lana-fest and I couldn't be happier. What motivated me to write this post specifically was that I took a trip to Downtown Portland on the Max, among other public transportation, and basically had to have my headphones in the whole time to avoid conversation with creeps - Portlanders would know. It was a beautiful and sunny, chilly October day and somehow Lana just seemed to fit my mood perfectly. Pretty sure I listened to the entire duo album at least three times through. No regrets!

It has since been a few months since my Lana craze wound down but I still listen to her on the regular. What do you think of Lana Del Rey? Love her, hate her? Not sure? If you haven't listened to her duo album all the way through on Spotify, go do it NOW and then tell me what you think!

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  1. Lana has such an amazing voice, I fell in love after watching The Great Gatsby this year. (She sings Young and Beautiful) Definitely someone to watch!